Mountain Woods Large Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box & Storage Box

Mountain Woods Bread Box Review

The bread box is not a new invention that’s just now catching on. In fact, they’ve been around for years, and have also gone through quite a few changes in regards to their design.

For many however, the first thing they think of when talking about a bread box is a wooden box with a rollback door in the front. This was the predominant style for decades, and it’s fairly easy to find vintage bread boxes in that format.

Not everyone wants to purchase a vintage bread box, though. If you are looking for a wooden bread box with that same roll back door on the front, Mountain Woods has got you covered.

Toast In Mountain Woods Bread Box

The Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box takes that old familiar bread box style, and combines it with high-quality wood with beautiful staining, resulting in a classic bread box design that offers a bit of elegance and fine craftsmanship to your kitchen.

The look and function of the bread box makes it a great addition to most any kitchen, and the styling provides an added sense of versatility that allows it to blend in and complement the decor in the majority of kitchens, regardless of theme.

About The Product

Bread boxes shouldn’t be some kind of kitchen item that you hide away in a corner, or in a pantry. If you have an ugly one that’s probably understandable, but the Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box definitely does not fall into that category.

This bread box was built to look great, and that’s exactly what it does. The detail is kind of hard to comprehend by looking at a picture of it, but once you get it out of the box, you can see the craftsmanship and quality wood that went into making this.

Each piece of wood has a variance in tone that gives the bread box a very natural overall look, and adds a sort of organic feel to the kitchen. This is not some cheap particle board with a yellowish tint like you may see with older bread boxes.

This is rich, colorful wood, that even gives off a pleasant wood smell when you first unwrap it. It’s the kind of item that would make a great wedding or housewarming gift -- something you would be proud to give someone. Given the relatively cheap price, that’s saying a lot.

Acacia Mountain Woods Bread Box

The door operates like any other roll top. Simply grasp the handle, and lift upwards while the door rolls back on the tracks. The roll-back action isn’t the smoothest, but that’s to be expected with wooden bread boxes with this type of door.

The size of the box isn’t too big, but it is on the larger side of things. It measures just under 16 inches in length, is 10 inches deep, and stands at 8.5 inches tall. This gives the bread box room to store about one and a half regular-sized loaves, or one loaf and some smaller baked goods, like english muffins, hot dog buns, etc.

The inside of the bread box keeps thing simple enough, providing one open space, instead of using any dividers and such. Since the inside is a little smaller than some other bread boxes in its price range, having the open space gives you more options when trying to fit multiple items at one time.

The ventilation provided by the bread box is the standard amount, which comes via the small spaces in between the door’s slats. This is enough to allow for some air flow, while also keeping the right amount of moisture inside the bread box.

What We Like

The most striking feature of this bread box is definitely the actual wood used to make it. The design itself is fairly standard, but the variant tones of the wood gives the bread box a lot of depth, and also a hint of elegance and quality that let’s everyone know that you were discriminate in your purchase.

The acacia wood is sourced from one of the largest acacia plantations in Asia. The wood is farmed responsibly, and the source also uses eco-friendly and sustainable harvesting practices, so you can have peace of mind knowing how and where the wood came from. That’s unique for a bread box, but that’s how Mountain Woods does all of their products.

Mountain Woods Bread Box

The overall versatility of the bread box is a major advantage as well. Although it is wood, the tone and look of the bread box makes it an excellent choice for many different kitchen decors, even modern kitchens that have a more minimalist appearance.

The back of the top of the bread box is flat, and provides around 4 to 5 inches of room to store other items on top, such as spice canisters, mugs, salt and pepper shakers, or really anything else you can fit on there. This helps compensate for the size.

What Needs Improvement

There really isn’t much we’d change with this bread box. The only real complaint is that it isn’t just a little bit longer. An extra inch or two would provide the space needed to comfortably fit two full loaves.

Buying Advice

When purchasing this bread box, it may be a good idea to get a small bottle of mineral oil, as this will help the door open along the tracks a little smoother. As always, be sure to measure your counter to make sure that the bread box will fit, with some room to spare on each side.

Mountain Woods Bread Box On White Background


If a wooden bread box is more your style as opposed to the more modern, stainless steel versions out there, the Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box is the best way to go.

The bread box is high-quality in every way, from the look of the wood, to the actual functionality it provides. On top of that, you can be confident you are supporting sustainable wood-sourcing practices, so both you and the environment win. For just under $40, that’s hard to beat.


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