All-Green Products Vintage Bread Box Review

All-Green Products Bread Box Review

Bread boxes aren’t exactly a complicated invention. All you need is an enclosed space, some air vents, and a door or lid. While the overall function and concept of a bread box hasn’t changed since the initial development, the look and style has varied greatly over the years.

Depending on who you are, your idea of what a bread box should or shouldn't look like may be different from the next person. Some prefer the more updated and modern styles, while others would rather have the vintage style that they remembered seeing at grandma’s when they were growing up.

Breadbox Brackets And Vents

The All-Green Products Vintage Bread Box aims for that classic, throwback style from years past, displaying a flip-top opening with vintage lettering on the front. While this bread box may look “old,” it’s definitely not, and features solid construction, plenty of space, and even some bonuses on the side.

The result is a spacious, alluring, and quality bread box that isn’t too vintage-looking for a modern kitchen, yet has the subtle touches and design that will appeal to those that like an older style for their kitchen decor.

About The Product

Many people are hesitant to shop for bread boxes, worried that they aren’t going to find one that looks the way they want it to. Others think they can only find proper vintage bread boxes on specialty websites that cater to that crowd.

The All-Green Products Vintage Bread Box proves that you can have a vintage-styled bread box for a low price, without having to scour the internet looking for the right design and price. Plus you don't have to worry about refurbishing a decades-old bread box you got off eBay, or worrying about rust and corrosion from a truly vintage model.

This bread box looks great right out of the box, and it ready to go from the moment you unpack it. The box is metal, and features a quality paint job, along with the included lettering on the front. No stickers here -- the “BREAD” lettering is painted on, and won’t peel or chip off over time.

The bread box is also quite large. We’d venture to say that it’s a bit bigger than what it looks like in the pictures. It measures 16.5 inches wide, 9 inches deep, and 6.5 inches tall. This gives you more than enough room to store two regular sized loaves, or a wide range of other smaller baked goods at the same time.

Vintage Bread Box Size

The size makes this bread box good for individuals or families that go through a lot of bread or baked products during the week. You can lengthen the shelf life of these items, while also keeping them off the countertops, making the kitchen more clutter-free.

The door on the bread box opens from the top, and is held by two hinges on the back. The hinges provide a measure of air circulation, along with a row of small holes in between the two hinges. The lid seals well when shut, letting the air holes in the back do all the work in terms or humidity control and air flow.

The door is also very easy to lift without any kind of strain. The bread box is sturdy, and remains in place when opening.

The inside of the bread box is an open space, giving you freedom to choose how you will fit your bread and baked good inside. The added space makes storing multiple items much easier than working around shelves and rows.

When ordered from Amazon, the bread box comes with a covered butter dish, and an ebook that provides numerous bread serving suggestions. Everything comes shipped in a gift box, making this an easy way to give someone a housewarming or wedding gift without having to put it all together yourself.

What We Like

As with most bread boxes, the first thing you notice is how it looks. This bread box pulls off the authentic vintage look without being trite. In most cases, houseguests will just assume you have a real vintage bread box that’s in prime condition.

You get the benefit of a vintage look, with the improved functionality and newer condition of a bread box that is anything but old.

The size of the bread box is a big advantage as well. The style and design of the bread box minimizes the size in a way, helping to make it look smaller than it really is once it’s on your counter.

Another great thing about this bread box is the different colors you can get. The bread box is available in cream, a mint green, red, and a light blue. This gives you more than a few options when trying to match your kitchen decor. In most cases, the cream color is the most versatile.

Vintage Bread Box On Counter

The bonus gifts are a nice touch as well. The butter dish is very high in quality, and is a perfect complement to the bread box. The ebook is informative and full of great bread serving ideas. None of these are reflected in the price, which is already low even if you only got the bread box by itself.

What Needs Improvement

There are a few things that some may find less than ideal. The top-opening door of this bread box can be a bit inconvenient if you have cabinets overhead, or a lack of space in general. If you are hurting for counter space, a front-opening bread box may be a better option.

Some may not be fans of the lettering on the front. If so, there is no way to remove it.

Buying Advice

As with any bread box, always make sure that you have the space on your counter before ordering. Measure the spot where you'd like to place it, and allow for an extra inch or two on each side.

Vintage Bread Box Package

We also recommend getting this from Amazon, since you get all of the bonus gifts for free.


The All-Green Products Vintage Bread Box is great for those wanting a new bread box, but with an older look and style. It works just as it should, and has lots of space for more than one loaf. The butter dish is a welcome addition.

For under $50, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal on a vintage-looking breadbox with numerous color options.


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