Brabantia Stainless Steel Bread Box Review

Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box Review

Few will debate the benefits that a bread box provides, but as to the actual looks and design? Opinions can vary. While many still think of old, boxy, wooden contraptions when they hear the words “bread box,” that’s not exactly how things are these days.

You can certainly opt for the older, more vintage look of the bread boxes of old if that’s your thing. Or, you can choose something a little more updated.

Brabantia is already well known for making modern, stylish housewares of all types, and their stainless steel bread box falls right in line with the overall aesthetic they’ve come to be known for. It features a very sleek, clean look, that is surely a compliment to most any kitchen it occupies.

Food In Front Of Brabantia Breadbox

There’s more to a bread box than just looks, however. Although they are simple devices, the higher-quality models have strategic designs that not only allow the bread boxes to work better, but also provide a few other benefits as well.

The Brabantia Stainless Steel Bread Box provides all of these things, which is why it’s easily one of our favorite bread boxes on the market, for those who prefer a more contemporary and attractive design.

About The Product

Depending on the type of bread box you get, they can sometimes be seen as more of a minor accessory instead of a significant kitchen item.

If you’re someone that needs to store a lot of bread products on a frequent basis, and don’t mind your bread box having more of a pronounced presence in your kitchen the Brabantia Stainless Steel Bread Box is worthy of your consideration.

First impressions of the bread box reveal an alluring and sleek design that was clearly made for those who are a bit more discriminate with their kitchen decor. The bread box appears very sturdy, well-made, and simple to operate.

The other thing you’ll notice is the size. This bread box is on the larger side, which many will appreciate if they are tired of using a bread box that can only hold one loaf at a time. This one measures nearly 18 inches long, and 11 inches tall, so there is definitely enough room for at least two loaves.

Brabantia Breadbox Side

In fact, you can probably fit two loaves inside, and maybe a few other things too, such as bagels and other smaller bread items.

The door easily rolls back from the front, giving it a space-saving design that is also very convenient. The door is very fluid, and doesn’t require and jerking or pushing, as it glides back with ease. When shut, the front part is airtight, with limited air circulation provided by the strategically placed air holes towards the back and sides, and also on the bottom.

The inside contains no shelves or rows, just one big open space to give you the flexibility and room to store the bread however you like.

The top of the Brabantia bread box is flat, and has a small rail towards the front so you can store other items on top, such as spices, salt and pepper shakers, and pretty much whatever else. Since the door opens from the front, you don’t have to worry about disturbing whatever you’ve sat on top.

What We Like

There is a lot to appreciate with this bread box, that goes beyond just how it looks, but we’ll start there. The inconspicuous design is versatile, and doesn’t draw unneeded attention to itself. In the event that it does, the smooth and sleek modern styling gives your kitchen a bit of an updated look, whether the rest of your kitchen is like that or not.

Regardless, we tend to appreciate bread boxes that look good, since they can sometimes be the biggest thing you have on the counter. This bread box is rather large, but having the ability to store other things on top is a great idea, and helps to blend in a bit if needed.

This bread box is also built to last for years. It’s made from corrosion-resistant material, so you don’t have to worry about rust spots or any corroding if some water happens to get on it. It also comes with a 10 year guarantee, so it’s money well spent if you’re looking to keep your bread box around for awhile.

Balls In Front Of Breadbox

If you’re annoyed by smudges, you’ll appreciate the fact that this bread box is smudge-free. No worrying about wiping the surface with a dry cloth after handling it.

The Brabantia bread box is also available in several different colors, so you have some leeway when trying to match your other appliances or colors in your kitchen. You can go with the raw stainless steel, or opt for some variations, including brushed, black, and even a very vibrant red color.

What Needs Improvement

There are only a few minor things that we think could be a little better. The material is a bit thin, which does make the bread box prone to dents if you’re not careful.

The thinner material also means the bread box is rather light given its size, so it may slide a bit if you are opening and shutting it when its contents are light.

Neither of these issues really detract away from the overall quality, however.

Buying Advice

Amazon almost always has the lowest price for this bread box, and according to comments from other buyers, you can count on it to be delivered in one piece, free of any damage.

Brabantia Roll Top Breadbox

Just make sure you are set on the color you want, and also ensure that it will fit into the designated space on your counter.


Style and functionality come together with the Brabantia Stainless Steel Bread Box. The price is well worth it, as you get a very attractive, modern bread box that is perfectly capable of handling a large bread loaf on a regular basis -- and look great while doing so.

If you’re willing to spend just a little more on a bread box, and want looks, a modern design, and a 10 year guarantee, you can’t go wrong with the Brabantia Stainless Steel Bread Box.


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