Brabantia Stainless Steel Fall Front Bread Box Review

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box Review

Bread boxes can often be a sort of afterthought when sitting on your kitchen counter. While nearly every bread box can do what it’s supposed to do for your bread, some purchase one at the expense of throwing off the look of their kitchen.

After all, it’s not like bread boxes are small. They take up quite a bit of space, even if they only hold one loaf of bread. You may be enjoying the daily benefits of storing your bread in the best possible way, but if you have an ugly bread box, or simply one that doesn’t really go with the rest of your decor, you have an unwanted tradeoff.

If you’re in the market for a bread box, and are getting tired of all the rounded designs that offer little in the way of looks, the Brabantia Stainless Steel Fall Front Bread Box is your answer. It showcases a very sleek and modern look, in a sturdy box format.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

This bread box provides all the space you could possibly want inside, while displaying a very clean stainless steel aesthetic on the outside. The result is a bread box that defines contemporary, while also offering the full functionality of a standard bread box, plus a bit more.

We are big fans of Brabantia products, and this bread box is just another example as to why. It’s a strong contender for our small selection of top bread boxes on the market.

About The Product

Bread boxes shouldn’t be some kind of kitchen item that you try to hide away in a corner. This bread box aims to be just the opposite. You want people to see it, because it looks great. The Brabantia Stainless Steel Fall Front Bread Box is about more than just looking good while sitting there, however.

When first getting a good look after unpacking it, you’ll notice the immediate sense of quality it gives off. The metal is smooth and even toned, the box is sturdy, and the its subtle detailing throughout is just as high quality.

The other thing you’ll immediately notice is how big it is. This definitely takes up some space on your counter. Designed to continually hold a large amount of bread on a constant basis, this bread box makes it easy to store at least two loaves at once, and probably a little more as well. Bagels, english muffins, and other smaller baked good fit right in.

The bread box measures 18 inches long, and just under 10 inches tall, giving it a fairly large presence on the counter.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

As the name suggests, the door folds down from the front, using hinges to facilitate the opening. If you’re worried about the hinges somehow failing and making the door fall open years down the road, don’t be.

A magnetic seal along the door ensures that it is always shut. The only thing that would make the door fail to close would be the physics of magnets somehow reversing -- which isn’t likely to happen.

Ventilation is provided in a few strategic parts of the bread box, but mainly comes from the specially designed ventilation base under where the bread sits. This ventilation system provides optimal airflow to ensure that moisture stays in, and the crust remains crispy.

The inside of the bread box is completely open, giving you unlimited options for how you’d like to store your bread, rather than be constricted to shelves and such.

Brabantia is well aware of the larger size of this bread box, so they designed the top to be flat, allowing it to hold several other kitchen items if needed. You can place everything from mugs to spices on top, and it will be able to handle the load easily, and with some added style.

What We Like

The most obvious thing right off the bat is the stunning look of the bread box. The stainless steel gives it a very modern and minimal appearance, and makes the bread box look like you paid two or three times more than you actually did.

The neutral tone of the stainless steel makes it very versatile, allowing the bread box to fit in with many different styles of decors. Modern and contemporary kitchens will benefit the most.

The ability to place and store other things in your kitchen on top of the bread box is a very underrated feature. Many old style bread boxes have rounded tops, or even open from the top, so you are left with a large bread box that you have to work around. The flat, stable top was a nice idea.

This bread box is built to last as well. It’s made from corrosion-resistant material that will hold up well to the occasional water splash that goes unnoticed. There’s also a 10 year warranty that comes standard with the bread box, so you know you’re getting at least a full decade of use out of it.

Opening Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

If you have an aversion to smudges and fingerprints on your stainless steel appliances, not to worry with this bread box. The stainless steel is entirely smudge-free.

What Needs Improvement

There are a few things that could be better, but not much. The stainless steel is very quality, and looks great, but make sure you don’t knock anything into the bread box, or else you might end up with a dent.

Also, this style isn’t for everyone, and the size may be less than ideal for smaller kitchens or counters. These are only minor complaints.

Buying Advice

As with most Brabantia products, Amazon is a great place to purchase them, as you can almost always get the lowest price there. Shipping is quick if you’re a Prime member, and the bread box is safely packaged before shipping, so you can be sure there won’t be any defects when en route.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box

Just be sure to measure your counter first, and make sure it will fit.


Overall, this is easily one of our favorite bread boxes. It stores a large amount of bread and other baked goods, looks great on the counter, and makes up for its size with its flat top.

If you are looking for a sleek, stylish, and versatile bread box that will make a great addition to your kitchen in more ways than one, we highly recommend the Brabantia Stainless Steel Fall Front Bread Box.


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